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Access powerful, Gospel centered messages.
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48+ weeks of Gospel centered small group content
Calvary Worship chord charts + free copy of the Declarations, Pt.1 album.
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One Day is designed to bring together our members, pastors, leaders, and their teams for an unforgettable experience of New Covenant ministry training + equipping.
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Welcome from Pastor Ben + Kim Dailey

Lead Pastors at Calvary Church

Gospel-Centered Message Packages

Are you new to the gospel of grace, eager to spread the word of God and inspire your people with powerful messages? Look no further! At GCCM, we understand the unique challenges and opportunities that come with preaching new covenant messages. That's why we've curated a collection of premade gospel-centered message + branding designed specifically for people like you.
  • Gospel-Centered Messages
  • Time-Saving Convenience
  • Versatility
  • Branding

Small Group Curriculum

Are you a church leader seeking to deepen your congregation's understanding of the gospel of grace? Are you looking for effective resources to facilitate meaningful small group discussions that center around this transformative message? Look no further! At GCCM, we are dedicated to helping leaders like you spread the profound message of God's grace through our thoughtfully crafted small group packages.

48+ weeks of gospel centered small group content

  • Focused on Grace
  • Ready-to-Use Resources
  • Flexibility
  • HD Videos

Monthly Connect Calls

At GCCM, our mission is clear and impactful: We're here to empower ministry leaders like you. We provide the tools, inspiration, and personal guidance you need to excel in your spiritual journey and leadership roles. 
  • Personalized Support
  • Encouragement
  • Practical Leadership Tips
  • Community

Flowsy App

Offical Partner of GCCM
  • Streamlined Communication
Track all communication lines with Flōwsy, from first-time visitors to regular attendees, in one software. Say goodbye to messages falling through the cracks. Keep every interaction organized & accessible to enhance engagement with your congregation.
  • Social Planner
  • Form Builder
  • Automated Sequences
  • and so much more


“When I first met Pastor Ben his heart overflowed with a message that I didn’t know I needed, a message that’s largely been lost in the church, especially those brought up in any sort of holiness tradition. It’s the same message that the Apostle Paul became a servant to – the Gospel! I thought I knew the Gospel, but at best I only knew it in pieces because I’d spent my life viewing the Good News through an old covenant lens + it robbed me of the abundant life that Jesus promises all of us. In 23 years of following Jesus + 16 years of pastoring, I’ve never been more free, borne more fruit, or led God’s people with more joy! I’ve been born again – again! God’s hand uniquely rests upon Ben Dailey to equip + empower Kingdom leaders with this life-giving & ministry-transforming message, it’s truly the power of God unto salvation!”

Travis Hall

Senior Pastor – Life Church International
- Duluth, GA

We exist to declare + demonstrate the gospel to everyone, everyday, everywhere.

Global Offices:
4401 North State Highway 161
Irving, Tx 75038

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