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Are you a church leader seeking to deepen your congregation's understanding of the gospel of grace? Are you looking for effective resources to facilitate meaningful small group discussions that center around this transformative message? Look no further! At GCCM, we are dedicated to helping leaders like you spread the profound message of God's grace through our thoughtfully crafted small group packages.

48+ weeks of gospel centered small group content

  • Focused on Grace
Our small group packages are centered around the message of God's grace, ensuring that your church members gain a deep and transformative understanding.
  • Ready-to-Use Resources
We offer complete small group packages that include discussion questions, and even video resources, making it easy for your audience to start meaningful conversations without the hassle of extensive preparation.
  • Flexibility
Our video packages are versatile and can be adapted to suit various group sizes, schedules, and settings, whether you're meeting in-person or virtually.
  • How it works
To begin your small group session with our curriculum, you have two options: you can either kick things off by watching a brief + top-notch 10-15 minute video.  After that, you’ll dive into an engaging discussion using our well-thought-out questions.

Gospel Circle Video Preview

Captured By Grace | Week 4
Explore our library of small group packages, each designed to help your church dive into the Gospel of Grace, here is an example. 

Start Your Journey Today

Don't miss the opportunity to lead your audience on a transformative journey into the profound message of God's grace. Explore our small group packages and start inspiring lasting change in the hearts of your audience. With GCCM small group packages, you have the resources to make grace the centerpiece of your life mission.
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“When you’re around Ben Dailey all conversations end up at the Gospel. I realized that after preaching for 20 years I knew the details of the Gospel, but not the depths. One day I visited a Gospel Circle + experienced a revelation of who I really am in Christ. It exposed some of my double-minded beliefs + awakened a new passion. It was a death to self + a farewell to striving. The Gospel works when we let the Gospel do the work!”

Greg Ford

Lead Pastor – One Church


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  • Approximately 50% of pastors struggle to meet job demands, with 70% feeling lower self-esteem than when they started.

  • Pastors with strong support systems experience less burnout and greater job satisfaction.

  • The average pastoral tenure is about four years, often due to stress and isolation.

  • Ministers who continuously learn and access extensive resources report increased job satisfaction and effectiveness. 

  • Churches in partnerships often see a 10-20% increase in tithing and donations due to enhanced fundraising strategies and community involvement. 

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