“I am a bi-vocational pastor and since becoming a member of GCCM my eyes have been opened to the gospel in ways I’ve never experienced before. The Message Series content, Gospel Institute and the other resources that GCCM offers are phenomenal. They’ve helped teach me a new way of pulling the glory of the gospel of grace out of Scripture for others to see. As I’ve grown through the resources provided by GCCM, I’ve also started to see growth in my congregation. Thank you, Pastor Ben and GCCM for letting me and so many others glean from you.”

Pastor Jeremy Elliott

Lifegate Church
Lufkin, TX

“When I discovered GCCM it was an instant connection. I was welcomed as family from day one and had a true sense of belonging. Pastor Ben and the staff have helped my ministry navigate through so much during the past year. I am not sure where I would be today as a pastor or where our church would be if we had not connected to GCCM when we did. I am eternally grateful for GCCM as they have helped us grow in our revelation of God’s grace and in our declaration of the Gospel; which in turn has enabled us to demonstrate the same to our community.”

Bob Smithson

Calvary Brownwood
Brownwood, TX

“Since joining GCCM we have loved the monthly Connect Calls where we have been encouraged and uplifted. The relationship with Pastor Ben and his openness has been refreshing. You don’t meet a lot of Pastors who get real about life! Meeting others within GCCM, who are also on this grace journey has made us feel like we belong. Every week we are on the app listening to Calvary Worship, hearing the latest Podcast episode or enjoying the next class of Gospel Institute. Everything we receive from GCCM energizes, refreshes and helps prepare us for all that God has called us to. Pastor Ben and GCCM, thank you so much for creating this amazing space for all of us!”

Roland + Vielka Arreola

Faith Life Center
Corona, CA

“The relationship with Pastor Ben and the people of Calvary Church has truly impacted not only me, but my entire family. I finally got ‘It’. The gospel has shifted my perspective to realize the truth about my freedom in Christ and the finished work of the cross. Now today… after 15 years of ‘ministry’ I found my purpose. I finally have something to say.”

Adam Herod

Executive Pastor – First at Firewheel
Garland, TX

“When you’re around Ben Dailey all conversations end up at the Gospel. I realized that after preaching for 20 years I knew the details of the Gospel, but not the depths. One day I visited a Gospel Circle + experienced a revelation of who I really am in Christ. It exposed some of my double-minded beliefs + awakened a new passion. It was a death to self + a farewell to striving. The Gospel works when we let the Gospel do the work!”

Greg Ford

Lead Pastor – One Church
Columbus, OH

“When I first met Pastor Ben his heart overflowed with a message that I didn’t know I needed, a message that’s largely been lost in the church, especially those brought up in any sort of holiness tradition. It’s the same message that the Apostle Paul became a servant to – the Gospel! I thought I knew the Gospel, but at best I only knew it in pieces because I’d spent my life viewing the Good News through an old covenant lens + it robbed me of the abundant life that Jesus promises all of us. In 23 years of following Jesus + 16 years of pastoring, I’ve never been more free, borne more fruit, or led God’s people with more joy! I’ve been born again – again! God’s hand uniquely rests upon Ben Dailey to equip + empower Kingdom leaders with this life-giving & ministry-transforming message, it’s truly the power of God unto salvation!”

Travis Hall

Senior Pastor – Life Church International
Duluth, GA


GLOBAL OFFICES: 4401 NORTH STATE HIGHWAY 161 IRVING, TX 75038 | 972.261.1919


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  • Approximately 50% of pastors struggle to meet job demands, with 70% feeling lower self-esteem than when they started.

  • Pastors with strong support systems experience less burnout and greater job satisfaction.

  • The average pastoral tenure is about four years, often due to stress and isolation.

  • Ministers who continuously learn and access extensive resources report increased job satisfaction and effectiveness. 

  • Churches in partnerships often see a 10-20% increase in tithing and donations due to enhanced fundraising strategies and community involvement. 

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