We have tried to anticipate some of the questions that you might have. If your question is not answered here, please call us at 972.261.1919 or use the “Contact Us” form to reach out to GCCM.
What is Gospel Circle of Churches + Ministries?
A relational onramp to Calvary Church designed to bring tailored support, structure + solutions to a growing network of churches + ministry leaders who rally around Calvary’s message, music + methods.
Can I be a part of GCCM if I am not a Lead Pastor?
Yes, you can! Anyone who desires to be part of GCCM is welcome.

What are the benefits of being a part of GCCM if I’m not a lead pastor?
Access to monthly connect calls with Pastor Ben, series package + messages, small group curriculum, Calvary's music + networking with other leaders.
Can I be a part of GCCM if I am a part of another network or denomination?
Yes, there is no denominational or membership requirement or exclusion.
How many people can have access to the GCCM website with my subscription?
Each subscription supports a single user.
Is there someone that I can talk to about GCCM before I sign up?
Yes, please contact GCCM via email at gccm@calvarychurch.cc, we will be more than happy to bring clarity to your questions + concerns.
Can I cancel at any time?
Yes. Visit your account page to cancel.
What is the Gospel?
At Calvary you’ll hear us refer to the Gospel…A LOT. It’s our only message. It’s the declaration of good news: that Jesus did what you couldn’t do, for you, as you.
What is the New Covenant?
At Calvary we are New Covenant believers, in other words, we believe that Jesus really meant what He said on the cross: “It is finished.” We don’t do in order to get, Jesus did it all. We rest in Jesus’ finished work. We no longer work through our self-efforts to attain what Jesus has already provided us, we allow the Spirit of Christ to work in and through us.


GLOBAL OFFICES: 4401 NORTH STATE HIGHWAY 161 IRVING, TX 75038 | 972.261.1919


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  • Approximately 50% of pastors struggle to meet job demands, with 70% feeling lower self-esteem than when they started.

  • Pastors with strong support systems experience less burnout and greater job satisfaction.

  • The average pastoral tenure is about four years, often due to stress and isolation.

  • Ministers who continuously learn and access extensive resources report increased job satisfaction and effectiveness. 

  • Churches in partnerships often see a 10-20% increase in tithing and donations due to enhanced fundraising strategies and community involvement. 

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