Travis Hall

“When I first met Pastor Ben his heart overflowed with a message that I didn’t know I needed, a message that’s largely been lost in the church, especially those brought up in any sort of holiness tradition. It’s the same message that the Apostle Paul became a servant to – the Gospel! I thought I knew the Gospel, but at best I only knew it in pieces because I’d spent my life viewing the Good News through an old covenant lens + it robbed me of the abundant life that Jesus promises all of us. In 23 years of following Jesus + 16 years of pastoring, I’ve never been more free, borne more fruit, or led God’s people with more joy! I’ve been born again – again! God’s hand uniquely rests upon Ben Dailey to equip + empower Kingdom leaders with this life-giving & ministry-transforming message, it’s truly the power of God unto salvation!”

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