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At GCCM, our mission is clear and impactful: We're here to empower ministry leaders like you. We provide the tools, inspiration, and personal guidance you need to excel in your spiritual journey and leadership roles. We understand the unique challenges you face and are committed to supporting you every step of the way. Let our connect calls be your monthly source for ministry support, personal guidance, inspirational messages, and leadership tips.

Why Choose GCCM?

Are you a minister, pastor, or leader seeking a trusted source of ongoing support and inspiration for your ministry journey? The GCCM connect call is how we provide that. We offer monthly connect calls that provide you with the essential resources and guidance needed to thrive in your ministry.
  • Personalized Support
Our monthly connect calls are not one-size-fits-all. We tailor our guidance to your unique needs, offering a personalized experience that addresses your ministry's specific challenges and aspirations. Where you'll be able to hear not only from Pastor Ben, but also from our GCCM regional directors.
  • Encouragement
Ministry leadership can be both rewarding and demanding. Our connect calls include inspirational messages and stories to uplift your spirit and keep you motivated on your ministry path.
  • Practical Leadership Tips
Receive valuable leadership tools, strategies, and resources to enhance your skills and effectiveness as a ministry leader.
  • Community
Connect with a like-minded community of ministry leaders who share your passion and dedication. Exchange ideas, experiences, and support to enrich your ministry.

Attend Monthly Connect Calls

Participate in our monthly connect calls where you'll have the opportunity to discuss your challenges, receive guidance, and be inspired by the messages and experiences of others.


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  • Approximately 50% of pastors struggle to meet job demands, with 70% feeling lower self-esteem than when they started.

  • Pastors with strong support systems experience less burnout and greater job satisfaction.

  • The average pastoral tenure is about four years, often due to stress and isolation.

  • Ministers who continuously learn and access extensive resources report increased job satisfaction and effectiveness. 

  • Churches in partnerships often see a 10-20% increase in tithing and donations due to enhanced fundraising strategies and community involvement. 

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